Photographic Artistry Redesign

Announcing the unveiling a redesign of Joe Sherman’s Photographic Artistry website!  We upgraded this site from a static HTML website to an interactive WordPress site and gave it a fresh, up-to-date look.

I have added videos to display galleries of photos in several sections, which helps to protect Joe’s copyrighted work, as well as giving the site some “action”.  By posting the videos on YouTube, we are taking advantage of additional potential traffic that might search on that site for photographers in the Plainwell, Michigan area.  Additionally, it adds a few additional inbound links, which are valuable for Search Engine Optimization.

To make the site even more SEO friendly, Joe will be starting a blog on the home page, giving valuable tips to his readers about photography, how to dress for senior pictures, and more.  What does blogging do for your small business?  This great article  gives Six Reasons Every Small Business Should Blog

  1. Gain Visibility as a Thought Leader
  2. Engage Customers in a Dialogue
  3. Every Blog Article is an SEO Opportunity
  4. Blogs Are Link Bait
  5. Humanize Your Brand
  6. In Google, Fresher Content = Better Website

Congratulations, Joe, on your decision to move forward with your marketing efforts and determination to ramp-up your online presence!

Thornapple Financial Center

Susan at Thornapple Financial Center took advantage of a special “current client-only” promotional offer to update the look of her website and convert it to WordPress.  WordPress is an easily-to-update user-friendly content management system that Dramatic Design has chosen as a specialty.

Direct Comparison:

tfc-oldtfcthumbAs you can see, the old site (left) looks dated and lifeless.  It was passive and static.  Now look at the newly redesigned site on the right.  What a difference!  The colors draw you in and envelope you–the green and gold play with the type of business the site describes.  It invites you to participate with comments and to spread the word with social networking!  Important announcements are conveniently located right in the sidebar, so you don’t have to hunt for them.

The new Thornapple Financial Center website also includes an email form that invites clients to sign up to receive her newsletter by email, instead of snail-mail, thus, saving her company money and perhaps saving a tree or two along the way.  Category pages allow visitors to look directly at the posts that interest them and an interactive Google map allows visitors to get direction from their location to the Thornapple Financial Center office.  This is a site for 2009!


Kim has built our website and it is fantastic!  She is professional, always has insightful ideas and is very patient with ALL of our questions.  Her prices are competitive,and more importantly you get a great return on your investment.

Kris Foote, Thornapple Financial Center

Business Referral Group

Business Referral Group

Old Business Referral Group Design
Old Design

The above screenshot is a redesign for the Business Referral Group that I belong to offline.  The previous design was a modified template, but the new one is completely original and custom for this group.

As you can see, the new design is a fresh, updated design with a semi-transparent background and section for book recommendations.  The sidebar showing the Amazon widget is only one way that you can monetize your site.

The blog feature is actually located on the “Members” page, as that is the most frequently updated page for the site.  This allows for easy updating whenever a new member joins the group.

Jenni’s Western Drawings

Jenni is extremely talented with graphite pencil drawings. Her niche market is the rodeo fan.

This site was complete with a Paypal shopping cart, rotating mini-photo gallery on the home page, full-size photo gallery by category, and a featured drawing of the month. Jenni kept a blog on her site, writing each month about the featured drawing–her inspiration, the story behind the drawing, any special techniques used, and a special discounted price.

The second site design is shown above. The photo to your left shows a screenshot before the site was redesigned. Both are original designs by Dramatic Design.


“Kim is wonderful to work with! She really makes you feel special like you are her first rated client. Thanks a lot Kim, keep up the good work!”

Doing a redesign can freshen up the look of a site and encourage new traffic to your site. If you haven’t done a redesign in a while, it might be time to give it some thought.

Kids First Learning Place

Kids First Learning Place was my very first paying design job after opening Dramatic Design. KFLP is a Daycare Center and Preschool right here in the small town of Middleville.

When I started this site, Kelly was operating out of her home, but had plans to open a large center once it was built. The website was a nice way for her to display pictures of the ongoing building process. This site incorporated monthly menu calendars, as well as the planned activity calendar.

The site was very profitable for Kelly. At one point, she told me that a family with four kids enrolled and their tuition alone would pay for her website for three years!

The screenshot above is actually a redesign for Kids First. It’s good to freshen things up from time to time.