Thornapple Financial Center

Susan at Thornapple Financial Center took advantage of a special “current client-only” promotional offer to update the look of her website and convert it to WordPress.  WordPress is an easily-to-update user-friendly content management system that Dramatic Design has chosen as a specialty.

Direct Comparison:

tfc-oldtfcthumbAs you can see, the old site (left) looks dated and lifeless.  It was passive and static.  Now look at the newly redesigned site on the right.  What a difference!  The colors draw you in and envelope you–the green and gold play with the type of business the site describes.  It invites you to participate with comments and to spread the word with social networking!  Important announcements are conveniently located right in the sidebar, so you don’t have to hunt for them.

The new Thornapple Financial Center website also includes an email form that invites clients to sign up to receive her newsletter by email, instead of snail-mail, thus, saving her company money and perhaps saving a tree or two along the way.  Category pages allow visitors to look directly at the posts that interest them and an interactive Google map allows visitors to get direction from their location to the Thornapple Financial Center office.  This is a site for 2009!


Kim has built our website and it is fantastic!  She is professional, always has insightful ideas and is very patient with ALL of our questions.  Her prices are competitive,and more importantly you get a great return on your investment.

Kris Foote, Thornapple Financial Center