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Web 2.0Dramatic Design has changed and evolved during its existence. After all, change is what website development and the Internet is all about, right? The design of this site and moving it from a static HTML site to an interactive Web 2.0 WordPress site is one of these important changes. As a developer, I have seen the need to go this direction for many reasons, not the least of them being that WordPress is very user-friendly and allows my clients to update their website anytime they wish; this was not easily accomplished with regular HTML sites. I can still create static HTML sites, should anyone want one, but I’m not likely to advise one.

I am constantly learning new skills that I can use to serve my clients better. I am currently versed in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CGI, and PHP.

Currently, I am a member of:

All of these are opportunities to learn from others, improve my skills, and help others that are just starting out on the road of entrepreneurship.

WordPressThe services I offer include:

  • WordPress Design and Development
  • Business Branding
  • Marketing Consultation
  • One-on-One Coaching

I have also been using Social Media and creative outlets for marketing myself.  You can often find me on Facebook, Linked In, or Twitter.  I have also been known to advertise on sales outlets, such as Ebay and Craig’s List.  Business is everywhere–and while I love working with local businesses, I have opened myself up to work with the global audience, which I also love.

During the evolution of Dramatic Design, I have been a professional blogger, graphic designer, email correspondent, and virtual assistant.  I also do Marketing Consultation for small business owners who are great at their niche, but don’t necessarily know how to reach their target audience.

I have had the pleasure of doing an internship as an Assistant Producer for the DivaTalkRadio Internet radio show and to learn from business coach, Kelli Claypool.  Additionally, I have mentored with marketing mentor and best-selling author of the book Testosterone-Free Marketing, Denise Michaels.  I even had a chance to direct a play at Kuyper College (not web-related, but definitely dramatic!).

So, tell me…how can I help your business?