Hosting & Maintenance

It has always been Dramatic Design’s policy to host and maintain the websites that it builds.  Occasionally, I will get a question as to why this policy exists, so I thought it would be a good topic to have available right on the website for all to view.

I am able to offer my design services at a considerably lower cost than other website designers, which is helpful to most small business owners.   There are many, many benefits to my hosting and maintenance for clients–Benefit Bee

  • You have a real human being to contact with any problems that might arise.  No machines, voice prompts, or pressing “1 for English.”
  • WordPress has frequent updates to ensure continued security.  Whenever WordPress updates, there are usually updates to some, if not all of the plugins installed on any given website.  I handle all of these updates to ensure that your site remains safe, so you don’t have to worry about it — I’ve got you covered.
  • The hosting company that I use is one of the most stable and reliable on the internet and they have been around for many years.  They have almost 100% up-time, consistent backups, and reliable customer service that I can quickly access, should I need to.  I also use a private server at the hosting company, so my clients’ websites are not on a shared server with other people’s files, which is safer and less likely to be hacked.
  • I am able to keep costs low, in part, because I am familiar with the set-up of the hosting company I use.  If I had to learn a new system each time I installed a website, I would have to charge more for learning curve of each hosting company’s system and couldn’t keep my prices so affordable.  Over time, this also keeps prices low for my clients, as I am able to make changes quickly when I have to charge by the hour.
  • Your monthly hosting and maintenance fee includes up to one hour of my time to make sure that the site continues to run smoothly and to make minor changes to the look and feel of your site.  I am able to maintain the integrity of the design.  While I allow (even encourage) clients to take full control over their content, I do not expect them to know how to change code or make sure their site is updated “behind the scenes.”  (That’s why you’re hiring a professional, after all.)
  • Each website is secured both on the server level, as well as on the website level and redundant backups are kept.
  • Every client website comes with an advanced statistics package that lets you know where your traffic is coming from (other websites, search engines, and location in the world), what type of computer and browser the visitors are using, how long the visitors are staying on your site, entrance and exit pages, and many other statistics that can be helpful in planning your marketing strategy.  Each client receives an email report weekly and on the first of the month.  Additionally, they are provided with login information to dig deeper into their statistics whenever they choose.
  • I promote your website to my blog readers, to my Facebook friends and fans, to my Instagram and Twitter followers, etc.  These things all help your search engine ranking with inbound links from my site and the social networking sites, which, in turn, increases traffic to your site.
  • You also receive the benefit of increased search engine indexing traffic because of the client network I have built, which sends the search engine robots back and forth between the networked sites whenever any one of them is indexed.  This is another factor that helps you rise in the search engine results.
  • I speak English…not Techno-Babble.  I explain things in plain English and will teach you the things you need to know without talking over your head.
  • Unlike many other web designers, I will not leave you high and dry.  I hear stories all the time about how a client’s former designer created a site and installed it, but they never heard from them again – and how it was impossible to even get minor changes made.  I have been in business for nearly two decades, so you can be assured that I won’t disappear off the face of the planet.  I love helping other small business owners and I don’t plan on changing jobs anytime soon.
  • Having been in business, helping small business owners for so long, I have experience in what things work for small businesses and can advise and guide accordingly with design, search engine techniques, and marketing strategies.
  • You will also receive occasional newsletters in which I send updates to my clients, as well as marketing tips, recommendations, and other helpful information that may come up as technology changes.  This helps you to stay ahead of the competition.

I hope that I have been able to convey my explanation clearly and that you can see the inherent value of the monthly hosting and maintenance fee.  It’s so much more than just your basic hosting and the benefits that I include would cost much, much more if someone were charging for each of the services individually.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!