Planning Your Site

Once you decide to take your business online, you might need some guidance. That’s what we are here for. It is your site and you need to be happy with it, however, not everyone knows where to start.

checklistInitially, you will need to decide on a domain name. Your domain name is very important. It must identify your site with your business–and it needs to be something memorable–and dare we say it…easy to spell. If a potential customer can not remember or can not spell your domain name, there is a good chance that they will not find your website.

After you have decided on a domain name, you will need to identify what features you like in a website. These elements help to establish the “look” and “feel” of your website. Does your business have a color scheme that you want to coordinate with? Do you have a logo that we could incorporate into the design? The best way to find out what you like (or don’t like) is to surf the web for a while and see what things are available and what you think of them. Write down the web address of those elements so we can discuss them for your site.

Those two steps alone may seem overwhelming, but that is why we take things one step at a time at Dramatic Design. Your business isn’t web design and we do not expect you to know everything that needs to be done or every detail that needs attention–let us guide you through the process.

In the end, you want your site to be a fast-loading and user-friendly site with clear navigation and a consistent, professional design so that your potential customers will feel comfortable on your site. What does this mean?

  • Customers will stay longer and buy more because your Web pages load quickly.
  • Customer opinion improves because they are impressed by your consistent, professional image.
  • You sell more because your customers find what they need quickly and easily.

Additionally, you want your site to be optimized for search engines so that your site comes to the top of the list when potential customers do a search on Google, Yahoo!, or one of the many other search engines available. We will guide you along the way with keywords, meta tags and text that will help your site rank high with the search engines.

With Dramatic Design, your dream can become a reality! We will walk you through the process and make sure that your website is one that you will be happy with.