Photographic Artistry Redesign

Announcing the unveiling a redesign of Joe Sherman’s Photographic Artistry website!  We upgraded this site from a static HTML website to an interactive WordPress site and gave it a fresh, up-to-date look.

I have added videos to display galleries of photos in several sections, which helps to protect Joe’s copyrighted work, as well as giving the site some “action”.  By posting the videos on YouTube, we are taking advantage of additional potential traffic that might search on that site for photographers in the Plainwell, Michigan area.  Additionally, it adds a few additional inbound links, which are valuable for Search Engine Optimization.

To make the site even more SEO friendly, Joe will be starting a blog on the home page, giving valuable tips to his readers about photography, how to dress for senior pictures, and more.  What does blogging do for your small business?  This great article  gives Six Reasons Every Small Business Should Blog

  1. Gain Visibility as a Thought Leader
  2. Engage Customers in a Dialogue
  3. Every Blog Article is an SEO Opportunity
  4. Blogs Are Link Bait
  5. Humanize Your Brand
  6. In Google, Fresher Content = Better Website

Congratulations, Joe, on your decision to move forward with your marketing efforts and determination to ramp-up your online presence!