Twitter Background – Judy Kelly

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Niche Affiliate Marketing System Workshop (NAMS) in Atlanta.  It was amazing!  Not just the learning, but the networking, too!  While I met a lot of “big name” marketers, I also met a lot of people just like me, which was just as great!  One of the people I met–and actually sat next to in class was Judy Kelly.  Judy wanted to have a background designed to coordinate with her website, Quick Steps To Health.  So, it was great that we were able to talk and that I have been able to help her with this project!  Here is the final result, which you can also see live on her Twitter Page.

Judy Kelly's Twitter Background


Judy was so pleased that she wrote a testimonial for me:

In January at NAMS, I was fortunate to sit next to and therefore meet Kim. During our conversation, I discovered that she did website creation stuff. Being a non-technical person, I was thrilled to meet Kim. Turns out that she is fantastic at what she does. She designed and put up a new twitter page for me that looks awesome. Go take a look at and see for yourself. You should have seen it before (ugh!). Kim is honest, trustworthy, prompt, and most importantly really really good at what she does.

Next time I need any type of web work done on my blog at I’ll certainly be calling on Kim!

Thanks, Judy!  It was great meeting you and being able to work with you on this project!

Begin the Transformation – Blog Header

I had the pleasure to work with colleague, Jessica Colon, on another project.  She needed a blog header for  This is the first header that I came up with, along with how it looked within the site:



Jessica’s client preferred something a little plainer for this site, though and really wanted a plain white background.  Below you will see the final product by itself, then a screenshot of the site with the header in place.



This is a prime example of how the vision of the designer and the client can differ.  Neither is wrong–it’s just a matter of taste and direction where the site is going.  The best person to determine the direction of the site is the client.  I never take creative differences personally–in the end, the client needs to be happy with his/her site.

Kim, thank you for all of your hard work. You did a great job in creating a beautiful website header. You listened to my needs and created something that everyone loves.

Which of the above designs do you prefer?

Be The Diva Within – Header Graphic

I just completed a blog header for Jessica at Be The Diva Within and we were both very pleased with the results.  Jessica is a fellow member of the Mom Masterminds group to which I belong.  (There’s a free 7-Day Preview, if you’re interested!)

I started out with this stock image as she requested something with butterflies and this image complimented her blog colors:


I worked a little graphic magic, added some text and came up with this:


When Jessica put this header into her blog, it looked like this:


The header was a perfect fit for the look and feel that Jessica was going for!  I’m looking forward to seeing what Jessica will be doing with this blog.  It’s exciting to see a new blog grow and develop!  It’s like a blank notebook during the “Back to School” season!  Blessings on your new endeavor, Jessica!