Begin the Transformation – Blog Header

I had the pleasure to work with colleague, Jessica Colon, on another project.  She needed a blog header for  This is the first header that I came up with, along with how it looked within the site:



Jessica’s client preferred something a little plainer for this site, though and really wanted a plain white background.  Below you will see the final product by itself, then a screenshot of the site with the header in place.



This is a prime example of how the vision of the designer and the client can differ.  Neither is wrong–it’s just a matter of taste and direction where the site is going.  The best person to determine the direction of the site is the client.  I never take creative differences personally–in the end, the client needs to be happy with his/her site.

Kim, thank you for all of your hard work. You did a great job in creating a beautiful website header. You listened to my needs and created something that everyone loves.

Which of the above designs do you prefer?