New Clients and Redesigned Sites

It has been an amazingly busy couple of months for Dramatic Design with new clients and redesigns. I’ll start by welcoming our new clients and telling a little about their businesses and sites.

Sarah and Warren Ulrich are the owners of Jessco Real Estate, located in Hastings, Michigan. They have just recently opened Jessco, but have been in the real estate business for quite some time. They really seem to love what they do and I can tell that they treat their clients with great care and respect. They would be a great choice if you’re looking to buy or sell a home, looking for an investment property or a cottage to rent. Sarah and Warren have also earned a free month of Hosting and Maintenance for the referral of our next client!

DOD Transport (Deal of the Day) is owned by Jon Kobe. This is a brand new business, but Jon has been in the business for many years. He has an entrepreuneral spirit and decided to launch out on his own. He seems to be doing great so far–he had 3 new clients on his first day of business! Way to go Jon! DOD Transport is a transportation broker. If you need something shipped, Jon will arrange for it to happen–whether by truck or rail–in the least expensive way for you.

Our next new site is Soggy Bottom Labs. Paul & Sandy Spittka breed, sell and show labrador retrievers. Their puppies are very friendly and learn early on to love children and other animals because they are in an environment from birth with lots of children and other animals. Soggy Bottom Labs sell AKC registered puppies for pets, as well as for show. Sandy will be updating frequently to tell about the puppies and show pictures of new litters as they are born.

Creagious Kids isn’t a new site, per se, but the owners, Dan and Jackie Thompson, have been so busy with a very successful business that they hadn’t had time to work on their website. So, Elizabeth Crowder, Creagious Kids Website Project Manager, has taken on this project with enthusiasm and skill. Thanks to Elizabeth, Creagious Kids now has a great website, filled with content and a regularly updated blog, which is great for the parents. Parents can see what activities the children are involved with, upcoming news and events, and soon, they will be able to view and order pictures of their children from the photo gallery.

Another site that has been with Dramatic Design for a while, but again, too busy with business to work on a website, is Thornapple Financial Center. (This is such a great thing, that these businesses are so successful!) Kris has played a big roll in helping get this site up and running for owner, Susan Foster. The site opens with a blog to keep clients and visitors updated with frequent updates. This will be especially important after January 1, when all the tax deadlines start coming up. You can email each person at Thornapple Financial Center right from their staff profile pages.

Dr. Greg Randall and Hastings Family Dentqal have a great newly redesigned website. It is much more contemporary than their old site, with some JavaScript rollover buttons and a blog. That’s right, Dr. Randall is blogging! Check out the dental advice and new products that Dr. Randall will review on his blog.

Also redesigned, The Faith Journey takes on a travel theme look. We congratulate The Faith Journey on entering into its second year of ministry in the Howell, Michigan area. Pastor Stephen Cottle will also be blogging, and we will hopefully be getting some sermons online that anyone can download and listen to on their iPod, MP3 player, or computer. Those who want to, can also burn the sermons to CD to listen to in their car or give to a friend.

We would also like to mention that Wendy’s Angels has recently moved from to, which is a better fit for the site, since it is a commercial site. Best wishes to Wendy, as she supplies the rubber stamping needs of people in the Binghamton, New York area, as well as those of the WWW. Congrats on your new domain, Wendy!

Keep up the great work everyone!