Monday Marketing – Cross Blog Conversation

mondaymarketinglogoThis week, I’d like to talk about a concept that has always interested me, but I’ve never actually done–Cross Blog Conversations.  There was a very interesting post over on Profitable Mommy Blogging this past week about how to successfully run a Cross Blog Conversation.

These are the steps:

  • You write a post that first explains what a Cross Blog Conversation is, then tells your readers who you’ll be conversing with.  Finally, you’ll write a section like a letter composed directly to your conversation partner, ending with a question for them to answer.
  • Now, on their blog – they will let their readers know that they have been engaged in a Cross Blog Conversation.  They will link back to your explanation and question.  Then they will write a section directly to you, answering your question and closing with a question for you.
  • Now, on your blog – you will let readers know that you’re continuing the Cross Blog Conversation, link to their answer and question – then write a section directly to your CBC partner, answering their quesion and asking another of your own.
  • Now it’s their turn.  They link to your question, answer it and ask another.
  • Now it’s your turn.  You link to their question, answer it and ask another.
  • Now it’s their turn. They link to your question, answer it and ask another, letting readers know this is their last one.
  • Now it’s your turn – answer their last question and close the CBC with a special thank you for their participation.

CBCs are a great way to build your traffic with new visitors, as well as helping your CBC partner to share in your traffic.  It sounds like a lot of fun to me!  I would love to partner with someone to do a Cross Blog Conversation on the topic of marketing or website development.  Any takers?