WordPress Websites for Small Business

Rotary Club internationalI just had the wonderful opportunity to speak to the Middleville Rotary Club.  What a wonderful group of people who do so much to help our community!  Thank you, again, for all you do!

My topic was WordPress–explaining what it is and how it can be a wonderful thing for a small business owner.  I covered just three of the many benefits of using WordPress:

  1. WordPress is customizable.
  2. WordPress is versatile.
  3. WordPress is user-friendly.

I began by showcasing some of my clients’ websites to help the audience visualize how each website can be as unique as the personality of the business owner, which it should be.

After all, your personality is what sets you apart from your competition.  Let’s face it, the product or service that you offer probably isn’t the only one of its type and you have competition.  Finding your unique selling point will help you convert your visitors into customers.  Some of the client websites that I referred to throughout the speech were:

To show the versatility of WordPress, I showed how different clients were able to use their blogs for different purposes —

  • To post news and reminders about taxes
  • To educate the public about Reiki and other techniques
  • To showcase upcoming events
  • To add photos of new items available for sale

WordPress as E-commerce SolutionI explained how several clients are using WordPress as an e-commerce solution —

  • As a convenient and inexpensive way to accept credit cards with a simple button
  • To display tangible items for sale and receive payment
  • To sell Gift Certificates for services

It was at this time that I gave a couple examples of successful use.

  • Thornapple Arts Council was able to sell tickets online for their two bus trips last year to Grand Rapids for Art Prize.  They sold out in record time!
  • After having the shopping cart on Pet Chef of Michigan, the owner shared with me that in the previous month, he had received paid orders from his online shopping cart for over $1,000!

Since the meeting room was wi-fi enabled and a projector was available, I shared a live demonstration of WordPress with the audience.  They got to see how easy it actually is to write and update a WordPress website.  They really seemed to enjoy getting a peek behind the scenes.

As a doorprize, I gave away a one-hour marketing consultation, valued at $75.  The winner was Audrey VanStrien!  Congratulations, Audrey!

Thank you, again, Middleville Rotary, for allowing me to speak to you!

Kim Smith Dramatic Design