Kim Understood My Vision

Working with Kim has been such a positive experience.  I had been building my website on my own and wanted to add an e-commerce shopping cart and a membership program to the website in order to grow my business.  Unfortunately, I was missing some important pieces to the puzzle by doing this on my own and was unable to get my website functioning in the way I had envisioned.  Kim came in, understood my vision, and knew exactly what was needed on my website.  She got it set up and started for me and then taught me how to continue as having hands-on with my website is extremely important to me. She left me with the confidence to continue forward and has made herself available for questions.  As my business continues to grow, Kim will be the first person I will call when I want to advance my website to the next level.

Kim is So Helpful and Patient

Thanks, Kim, for all the help you’ve given me over the years! Kim is so helpful and patient with me when I don’t understand some things about the internet. I have ALWAYS had a great experience with Kim. If you need a terrific website, Kim is your designer. She comes with a wealth of knowledge. She is business-like and professional in every way!!

Kim Was My First Choice

Kim was my first choice for website design and builder. I loved how she made my site look a lot like my business cards. Kim didn’t just design and build my website though. She also taught me a lot about marketing, SEO, Google, and online presence. Kim also reviewed my website with me and explained about themes, plugins, pages, etc. so I would have practical knowledge of how websites work.

Kim is Super-Conscientious

Kim is super-conscientious and marvelously patient with this newbie! She has taken time to make sure that I understand everything I need to know to make my website fabulously successful. Plus, she has gone above and beyond her web-design role and given me countless valuable tips about making the most of Google, Facebook, and Pinterest! Thanks, Kim!