Sharon Walker Ministries

Sharon Walker Ministries is a former client’s site. Sharon requested that I modify this template that she purchased online. It featured a flash header graphic that played a brief sound upon the opening of each page.

Sharon had me build several photo galleries into this site. I also integrated a calendar and a blog so that they worked seamlessly and appeared to be a part of the site, instead of third-party applications. We had a Verse-of-the-Day wiget next to her blog and sample chapters of her book that were downloadable.


“Dramatic Design is an answer to my prayer. I wanted someone who understood “dramatic” in its highest form. Kim understood that in dealing with my personal level of dramatic excellence. She allows you to have a voice, and your own hint of creativity. Kim is patient, understanding, well equipped to handle difficult questions, and quite capable of creating a style just for the customer. I have enjoyed working with her, and look forward to other great dramatic designs she will create for us in the future! Excellent Job Kim, Thanks for everything.”