P.R. Builders

Located in Hastings, Michigan, Paul and his team of builders are in the constuction and remodeling business.

The P.R. Builders website was built with a large, non-scrolling, non-repeating background, with the foreground being a semi-transparent base for the content of the site. The content scrolled, while the background (the house) remained still.

The photo gallery shown in this screenshot shows thumbnails of P.R. Builders’ work. What you can’t see in the screenshot is the dynamic slideshow that opens when you click on any of the thumbnails. It was a very nice effect.

This site also had a News blog, so the company could easily update viewers on projects, as well as advertise properties that were available to rent or purchase.


I think that home page looks great! I think it goes along with a nice clean look. Not to fancy or anything but pretty simple and straight forward. Keep up the good work.