Photography by Hans

Photography By Hans

Hans is a local photographer who brings the world to you.  Her landscape photography is mostly from her many travels to distant lands, but you will also find some local scenes.  Hans is originally from the Netherlands, but currently resides in the Grand Rapids area.

She has come to be known as “One-shot Hans” because she generally only takes one shot of her subject and moves on to the next focal point.  Hans’ photography is also unique in the fact that she shoots her subjects with 35mm film and has no plans to switch to digital.  Her artwork can be seen in banks, doctor offices, and college hallways in the Hastings area.

Hans has a wonderful eye and the ability to capture beauty.  She is planning a trip to Germany–and I can’t wait to see what she comes back with on her film!

Hans writes:

I have only known Kim less than two months, but it did not take me long to realize how competent she is in the business she now has had for 10 years.

As I am very much a computer novice, she patiently helps me along, if and when I despair. With her help the website will get done.  I had a very bad experience [with another web designer] before I met Kim.

I trust her honesty and knowledge.

Oh, in case you are wondering–yes, she does sell prints of her beautiful photography, matted and ready for your favorite frame!  Be sure to visit to see what she has to offer!