NAMS Conference Goes Virtual!

This is such an exciting development that I had to share!     In January, I shared that I went to Atlanta to participate in the NAMS Conference (Niche Affiliate Marketing System) and it was an AWESOME live event!  Well, they have made some big changes that I think will allow a lot more people to take advantage of this wonderful learning event.  The biggest one is that they’ve made the January NAMS Conference virtual!  This means–

  • No travel (for me, it’s 13 hours to Atlanta!)
  • No hotel bill
  • No eating out for the entire time
  • No traveling in questionable weather

These three things alone will cut my cost in half! Additionally, I can be in the comfort of my own home and take care of my family and still get all the great training that comes with the NAMS Conference!

So, this is the 5th NAMS Conference and they just keep getting better and better.  The event coordinator, David Perdew, has some really amazing bonuses that could each be worth the price of the early-bird registration, which is only $297 (through the end of December).

  • You get all of the NAMS 1-4 Conference recordings!  That’s over 150 hours of teaching by some of the greatest experts in the field of affiliate marketing!
  • 5 sessions per day for 3 days…THEN…additional sessions during the following week for live events (recordings provided, in case you can’t make those sessions)
  • Assignments for each session to help you put what you learned into action
  • Accountability groups in the forum for follow-up with your peers and the instructors
  • Special NAMS marketing software, including
    • Article Twister
    • Local Domain Hound
    • others that David is still in negotiations with to provide
  • 6 months of Gold Membership to the Niche Mall, which is being re-launched in January ($90 value)
    • About 1,500 ready-to-sell products in about 140 niches
    • You choose which niches you would like to promote
    • You receive 100% commission on any 10 niche categories
    • It’s completely set up for you–all you deal with is a link!  This is niche affiliate marketing in the simplest form!  All you have to do is drive the traffic!
  • A workbook with notes and assignments from the conference, including audios, videos/webinars from the sessions, which will be sent to you several weeks after the last webinar

Okay, so I was saving the best for last…the price of $297 not only gets you the NAMS 5 Virtual Conference, but it also gets you admission to the LIVE NAMS 6 Conference in Atlanta, August 17-22!  So, you’re getting 2 conferences for less than the price of one!  The “regular” cost of admission is $697.

So, it’s basically like getting 6 months of training by the best affiliate marketers in the business for under $300.  Some coaches charge that much for one hour of their time!  Some of the instructors include:

I had the pleasure to meet most of the above instructors in January and I have to tell you, they are top-notch professionals who really want to help other people to succeed.

Lynn Terry Kevin Riley Willie Crawford

So, will I see you there?