Monday Marketing – Consistent Client Communication

It’s important to keep your client in the loop.  Let them know about the new services that you can offer them and give them great ideas that will keep them coming back.  One thing that works well is a newsletter.  Your newsletter may be through email or it may be a physical mailing.  I use both.  Each month, I include a monthly newsletter when I send out my monthly bills.  My clients realize that I want them to succeed because I’m giving them valuable information–not just trying to sell to them.  Yes, I do let them know if I’m offering a new service that may help them, but I’m not pushy about it.  If they are interested, I know they’ll contact me–because I’ve established a relationship with them.  Here is a sample of my September newsletter.

September News


Can you believe that Summer is almost over?  It’s been a very busy summer for Dramatic Design, which is a good thing!  I’m meeting with two new clients this week and have a few more things in the works.  I’m always thankful for your referrals—it tells me that I have earned your trust and you value my work.  Remember, if one of your referrals signs a contract with me, I credit you with a free month of hosting!

I would encourage you to visit every week for some marketing tips and ideas.  I have created a weekly meme–“A quiz or survey that is copied from one webpage or online journal to another, each participant filling in his or her personal answers.”   If you have a mondaymarketinglogoblog, I invite you to “play along”.  Here are the guidelines:

  • Every Monday, write a blog post about what you are going to do to market your small business this week.
  • Include the Monday Marketing graphic code (on the Dramatic Design site) in your blog post.
  • Sign up with the form below my Monday Marketing post so we can visit your blog and gain inspiration and ideas.

Even if you don’t have a blog, you can still use the ideas to market your business.  Feel free to email me suggestions for future Monday Marketing meme topics or questions.

The point is—you need to be purposeful and persistent in your marketing and do something to market your business at least once a week at the bare minimum.  To be blunt, if you don’t market your business, it will not succeed.  If you don’t know what steps you should be taking to put this plan into action, I can help—but I can’t help if I don’t know you need help.  So, talk to me!

Until next time…

How do you keep in touch with your clients?  What successes have you seen from this method?  What advice or tips can you give to other readers about keeping in consistent communication with your clients?  I can’t wait to hear your feedback!