Know Your Audience

Know Your AudienceMarketing is not just a “numbers game.”  The better you know your audience, the more specific you can be to meet their needs.  When you have narrowed down the target, it will be easier to hit.

So, the key is to build your marketing plan to reach a specific target audience – those who are looking for your solution to their problem!  Think about their demographics (age, culture, sex, etc.), how they receive information (social media, direct mail, newspapers, etc.), and so on.  Then use what your research reveals to target that audience.

TIP:  Build traffic that counts so that you have more ready to buy eyes on your products. To do this you must understand your audience and target them.

As an example, I once came up with a product that would specifically solve a problem for Heating and Cooling repair companies.  I created my marketing piece (a direct mail letter), and sent it to the owners of 20 HVAC companies.  Out of 20 letters, I received 4 positive responses.  That may not sound like a lot, but in reality, that was a 20% positive response rate, which is HUGE for a marketing campaign!  I did my homework, researched my audience, and hit my target.

Think about who you are trying to reach with your product or service.  How narrow can you focus your target?