Holistic Health Kalamazoo – Prosper Health Clinics

Dramatic Design welcomes Prosper Health Clinics to our network of Website Design Clients!  Dr. Ryan Ball is a Holistic Health and Functional Medicine Doctor.  Here are a few notes about how we created his new website.

Case Study and Thought Processes

Choosing a Domain Name

Prosper Health ClinicsDr. Ryan Ball decided to open a new practice in Portage, which is near Kalamazoo, Michigan.  His practice is in the area of functional medicine – and while that term is a fairly common term worldwide, in West Michigan it isn’t very common.  People in this area are more likely to search for holistic.  These are some of the things that are discussed with clients when choosing the best domain name for a website.  What are people going to type into the search bar when trying to find the service that you provide?  Having a good domain name is just one way that we can be the answer to their search.  The domain that we chose to build his website on was HOLISTICHEALTHKALAMAZOO.COM for these reasons:

  1. Our research showed that the local area would be more likely to search for the term “holistic” than the term “functional medicine”
  2. Dr. Ball preferred to use the term “health” over the term “medicine” as it more accurately described his practice, and
  3. In general, people will add their location when searching for something in their area.  While the office is in Portage, Kalamazoo is the large city to which Portage is a suburb.

So, the domain is descriptive and very search-friendly.  It will serve Dr. Ball well with Search Engine Optimization.

Website Name

Now, Dr. Ball’s practice is named Prosper Health Clinics, so we were sure to buy PROSPERHEALTHCLINICS.COM and redirect that to his main website domain, so as not to confuse his patients.  Anyone looking for Prosper Health can easily type in prosperhealthclinics.com and find his website.  Additionally, his email addresses use this domain, which is important.  Your email addresses should always match your business name.

Dr. BallBonus Domain

Dr. Ball is an up-and-coming professional with many years left in his career.  It is possible that he could become a published author, come up with a new medical breakthrough or technique, or something else equally noteworthy.  So, as he is starting out, we chose to purchase DRRYANBALL.COM and start establishing credibility and longevity on his “name domain” with the search engines as soon as possible.  For now, this domain redirects to the About page on his website, which is his biography.

Other Website Elements

  1. Online Forms  Because of the unique nature of Dr. Ball’s practice, he is able to do a pre-evaluation of patients before they come to see him in person with some very detailed questionnaires.  We were able to put these on his website, so the patients can conveniently fill out “paperwork” right on their computer.  There is no paper to be transported, faxed or mailed, saving time, expense, and possibly some trees.  If, after this pre-evaluation process, Dr. Ball feels that he cannot benefit the patient, he tells them and refers them out accordingly, thus saving the patient time and expense.
  2. Article Directory of Health Conditions  Dr. Ball has a growing list of Health-Specific articles that explain how holistic health techniques can successfully treat conditions that have typically been thought of as conditions only treatable by medications.
  3. Blog  Blogging is a wonderful tool for business owners to connect with their readers.  Dr. Ball is using his blog to educate and inform his readers about treatment options, causes behind health conditions, and truths behind commonly believed health myths.  He hopes that his readers will engage with his blog posts by asking questions or emailing him for more information.
  4. Newsletter  Dr. Ball will send periodic updates about the practice to those who sign up for his newsletter, which is another way for him to connect with patients and the surrounding community.
  5. Skype Appointments  Until his office opens, Dr. Ball is seeing patients via Skype calls.  If you visit his website, you will see a pop-up message informing you of that fact.  That message is also shown on the New Patient Information page.  He plans to continue to see patients via Skype even after his office in Portage is open, which will allow him to extend his reach to those not in the immediate proximity.

Google Review From Dr. Ball:

Dr. Ryan BallI am not a computer savvy person. That is one of my weak points. The great thing is that I just worked with Kimberlee Smith from Dramatic Design and I didn’t have to worry about anything. She is always available if things need to be changed or edited. She understands that it’s not just “build a website and see you later”. She treats it like a process that is continuously evolving. So when new things have come up, I didn’t have to worry if she would help me with them or not. I am very happy with my experience and will continue to work with Dramatic Design to make sure my website is maintained optimally.  Thanks Kim!