Get the Word Out!

Get The Word OutSometimes you have a product or service that you are really excited about and you just want to tell the whole world!  How do you do that?

The answer is leverage!  You remember all those groups you joined on Facebook and Linked In of people who have similar interests as you?  Let’s start there!  In addition to the groups of people with similar interests, it might be good to join groups where people are looking for answers to problems that your product or service can solve for them.  Be sure to post updates on your profile, as well, but groups will be the key.

TIP: Determine where your target market is spending their time online – Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. and meet them where they are already hanging out.

In addition to social media platforms, there are other ways to get the word out about your product or service:

  • Offline Networking groups (BNI, Meet-up, Chamber of Commerce, etc.)
  • Write about it on your blog or website
  • Create a Facebook Page
  • Send an email to your email list
  • Write a press release for local newspapers
  • Submit to online community calendars, if appropriate
  • Guest post on blogs of your colleagues
  • Do online or podcast interviews
  • Paid advertising (Facebook ads are a good place to start)
  • Paid advertising offline
  • Print special business cards for your service or project (see mine below)
  • Create marketing materials
  • Post information on community bulletin boards (coffee shops, grocery stores, etc.)
  • Ask friends to help spread the word