EdenPURE Canada

EdenPURE Canada screenshotEdenPURECanada.ca was a unique site to create.  The owner wanted to portray the feeling of “warmth” in the design.  In order to achieve this look and feel, I consulted a color specialist who recommended an orange and purple combination.

  • orange gives the feeling of warmth, without being too hot
  • purple/blue is the compliment to orange
  • gold gives it a richness and brightness

The background design of the wavy lines helps to depict the heat radiating and filling the space, while the pattern in the header with the gold gives a soft and airy feel.

EdenPURE Canada.ca

However, after a short time, the site owner discovered that the majority of his visitors were male, so we darkened up the site a bit to try to pull out more of the colors in the heating unit, changing out the purple for black, thus, keeping the “warmth” feel to the site, but making it a bit more masculine.  We made some other adjustments and the site has done very well.  You will see the finished product to the left.

In fact, this client chose the optional statistics package with his hosting and loves to optimize his page according to what he finds.  The site continues to rank in the top three positions on www.google.ca, www.bing.com, and www.google.com, much of this due to the excellent SEO copywriting of Cindy Bidar.  Cindy is excellent at what she does! Here is a screen shot of one aspect of his statistics:


These are daily stats.  You can see that the EdenPURE.ca site rarely dips below triple digits (blue).  This client has also found that many of his returning visitors (orange) have become buyers, which is GREAT news!

I have to tell you that working with you has been a joy.

Being new to the internet “game” I was more than a little worried about how I was going to build and manage an effective website. You have put all the fear to rest with your creativity and professionalism.  Working with Dramatic Design has proven to be one of the best decisions I made.

Thank you!

Dave Carstens

Dadec Enterprises LLC