Behind The Scenes

Some “behind the scenes” things have been going on at Dramatic Design lately…things that only current clients have known about until now. The client base for Dramatic Design has grown to the point that monthly billing was becoming a huge ordeal. So, instead of doing that manually, we now have an accounting program that helps with the task. Clients received their first look at the new invoicing system during the last billing cycle. The new accounting program will help free up more time for the important stuff–like designing websites, getting newsletters out, and keeping in better contact with clients.

One of the things we are trying to do is to get to know each client a little better. In an effort to do this, we invited them to have “virtual coffee” with us! Going for coffee, for most people, isn’t really about the “coffee”. It’s really about the relationship…the conversation…getting to know each other. So, each client was sent a questionaire about things we would talk about over coffee. As an encouragement for response, Dramatic Design is doing a drawing among those clients that send the questionaires back. The prize is either a Starbucks Gift Card or a Dramatic Design Coffee Mug. There’s still time to send your responses back in–the drawing will be held by the next billing date. Update: Congratulations to Captain Bill Muirhead of Spider Sportfishing!

New stat counters have also been installed on client sites that give some great real-time statistics, as well as reports that can be emailed weekly and/or monthly. Clients will be able to see where visitors are coming from, their general location, and length of visit–just for starters. The counters are invisible and don’t interfere with the performance of the website in any way. Just another “special touch” from Dramatic Design to you…no extra charge!

We recently also attended a great marketing seminar geared toward small businesses. Tony Rubleski of Mind Capture Group was the speaker. He gave lots of great advice, but focused on marketing with “grabbers”–something that “hooks” your potential customer and gets them interested enough in your marketing piece to read the whole thing…instead of tossing it in the nearest garbage can. Thanks to the Barry County Chamber for offering this seminar to it’s members.

Several new client sites are in the works, but the clients are extremely busy, so things are going a little slower than everyone involved would like. There are also several other yet unsigned clients “in the hopper”, so to speak. They are also anxious to get moving, but have to work through some details first. More on those later…