Beauty is Only Skin Deep…Sometimes!

Denise Michaels Excellent AdventureDenise Michaels’ Excellent Adventure

Denise had a wonderful blog going–lots of great information, regular blog posts, images to enhance her posts…she was doing a LOT of things right!  She wasn’t happy with the look of her site, though.  It was boring and really didn’t depict the tone of being and “Excellent Adventure.”

She needed a beautiful skin (fresh WordPress theme) that would be as visually beautiful to her readers as her words were fun to read.  Denise knew what she wanted, but needed someone with the design skills to make it come alive.  Being a Marketing Coach, she had some great ideas and was able to communicate those ideas well.

She wanted to carry over some of the look from her other sites, Mentoring With Denise and Testosterone-Free Marketing (which is Denise’s best selling book), just to name a couple.  We were able to do this by carrying over several elements and yet, make it fresh and exciting.

I desperately needed help making my blog look custom and special. It also had to be easy and encourage visitors to stick around and share with others. I’m pretty good at using the Internet – but not so hot at bending it to my will.  I needed an expert and Kim was the perfect person to make my blog dreams come true.  She’s knowledgeable, patient, highly skilled and open to fresh ideas.  If you want a website that creates the look and feel of your business’ or organization’s brand – you can’t go wrong with Kim Smith of Dramatic Design.  Contact her today!

Denise Michaels

Author, Testosterone-Free Marketing

To take things up a notch, I also added some sharing buttons, following capabilities, and cleaned up the sidebar (the archives are now a drop-down menu and take up less room).  As with all good websites, I’m sure there will be tweaks and changes down the road, as a website is an ever-evolving, ever-growing thing.

It’s been great working with Denise!  I can highly recommend her book, Testosterone-Free Marketing and have come to appreciate her as a coach and as a friend.  Be sure to visit her blog for some great reading!