All The Good Stuff

All The Good Stuff is a former client from the nearby Gun Lake area. Unfortunately, the store had to close, which brought the end of the website along with it.

I particularly liked the vibrant coloring of this site. It was very rich looking–much like the amazing fudge that was sold in the store! The full shopping cart enabled visitors to choose their product selections and checkout using a credit card through the third-party credit card processing site,
Paypal. Paypal has always been a safe and inexpensive option for small businesses and I recommend it highly.

Sharon comments, “Wow! Thanks Kim. I went to a site called [removed] because I thought they had the ultimate basket site – not anymore! You are doing a great job for me. I really love the corporate image and all that purple and gold is really impressive.”

Sharon, the owner, also maintained a blog on this site. Since her in-store customers were fairly seasonal, she was able to keep them updated during the winter months about the new products in her store, as well as continuing to sell them fudge and other goodies through her online store.

We also utilized a sub-contracted photographer (Kris Foote) to shoot pictures of Sharon’s wonderful products. The results of this collaboration turned out nicely.


I would like to highly recommend Kim Smith with Dramatic Design for the construction of your wonderful web site. Kim took me under her wing after a long year of trying to get my web site up and running. Everything that could go wrong went wrong with the original web designer I used. I had Kim’s business card in my file and decided to give her a call. We met. She understood exactly what I was looking for. When I told her I wanted a corporate appeal to the website, that is exactly what I got. Kim never gets frustrated with my indecision (that I know of anyway). I probably drive her crazy but she is understanding and compassionate and as long as I pay for these changes at her very reasonable rate, we get along fine. She knows how to take your ideas and put them in a simple format that makes the site very easy to use. Please feel confident in using Kim’s services. She is highly skilled and I have appreciated her helping me through this process.

Thanks Kim, Sharon for All the Good Stuff.