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Pet Chef MIPet Chef – Michigan

Pet Chef Express is the cooperative under which my client, Jeff Schulze operates his business, Pet Chef of Michigan.  This is a very unique company and if you are concerned about the fillers and preservatives in your pet’s food, you’ll want to take a look at Jeff’s website.  Just a few things about Pet Chef foods and treats:

  • All Natural
  • Human-Grade Ingredients
  • NO Chemical Preservatives
  • NO Fillers
  • Low temp cooking process to preserve vitamins and minerals
  • Pre and Probiotics for healthy digestion, optimum nutrient absorption and immune function
  • Fruits and vegetables for vitamins, minerals, and a healthy source of fiber
  • Always fresh and made to order

Pet Chef NationalThe Pet Chef of Michigan website was intentionally designed to have a similar feel to the cooperative’s website, as you will see to the right.  When a visitor comes from the national site to the Michigan site, there is a smooth transition and the visitor feels secure that they are in the right location.  When there is a harsh transition in this type of situation, a visitor may not turn into a buyer simply because of an uneasy or unsafe feeling.  Continuity and consistency are important factors–especially when designing an e-commerce site.

We didn’t want to duplicate the national site completely for several reasons:

  • Copyright Laws
  • Each site should have its own unique personality
  • We were distracted by the grassy background, so we thought others might be also
  • Personal preference

One of the great things about building a custom website is that it can be anything you want–and nothing that you don’t want!  Jeff is very pleased with his website and has already received his first online order!  Way to go, Jeff!

I’ve never been a “computer person” so the thought of a website for my business was overwhelming.  I don’t have the desire to get online and try to run my website.  I like the fact that Kim will take care of changes when I need them and I can be “hands off,” leaving me the time to focus on my customers and my business.  I’m very happy with my website; it is just what I wanted–simple, easy to navigate, and similar in design to the parent company’s site.

Kim made the whole process of getting my website up and running very painless for me, for which I’m extremely thankful!  She was able to explain what she was doing with my site in terms that I could understand, without all the technical jargon.  I would highly recommend Kim Smith of Dramatic Design for any small business owner who is looking for a website!  If that’s you, pick up the phone and call her–you’ll be glad you did!

Jeff Schulze

Pet Chef of Michigan