Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate MarketingMarketing on a daily basis is a very important aspect of building, growing, and maintaining a successful business. While you may have favorite strategies and techniques, it’s a good idea to use a variety of marketing methods. The 365 marketing tips I will share with you in 2018 can help you broaden your scope and reach more of your target market.

Let’s start with Affiliate Marketing…Affiliate marketing is an online sales strategy that allows a product owner to increase sales by letting others targeting the same audience – “affiliates” – to earn a commission by recommending the product to others. At the same time, it makes it possible for affiliates to earn money on product sales without creating products of their own.

TIP:  Building relationships is important for affiliate marketers because you’ll build trust with your audience. People buy from those they trust.

Many successful affiliate marketers will build a community of like-minded individuals who are already interested in products that they are promoting.  Kelly McCausey is an affiliate marketer who I have followed and admired over the years.  She started an online community called “Mom Masterminds” that is now called “Love People + Make Money,” but she really has a whole network of sites that promote digital products and services, as well as community memberships.  Take a look at her Affiliate Program to see how she lays out the terms and commissions available to her affiliates.  Yes, this is an affiliate link and yes, that means that if you purchase something from Kelly, I will earn a commission.  That’s what Affiliate Marketing is all about!