Exciting month!

It’s been a fun and exciting month for Dramatic Design. Lots of fun, new projects in the works. Wendy emailed, “I just have to tell you I am doing the happy dance. I was just contacted by a lady who saw my website, YEP you read that right, website (that YOU made), and asked for information about TAC and might be interested in signing up with TAC. WAHOO!!!!!! Look at all your hard work working for little old me. I thought you might like to hear about this. I will have to let you know what becomes of it.” This happened within only a week of posting “real” content on her site, which was a real encouragement for her.

I have been working with a couple of new clients on their blogs (web logs, in case you’re not familiar with the term). Lois has been blogging for a while, but has just taken a couple of big steps–her own domain and private hosting. She has purchased the domain SoCloseToReal.com (formerly “Ruminations of a Headless Horse[wo]man” hosted at the Blogger free hosting). We found a perfect picture to use on her blog. Special thanks to Dave Shields at Devilgas Photographic for the use of his artwork! Jeanette is a brand new blogger, but is very excited about keeping an online journal. We decorated her blog with yellow roses–one of her favorite things. Much of the site is still under construction.

Jenni also has some great new drawings posted. Be sure to check her What’s New blog to read all about the Featured Print for January.